• We might be able to help with YOUR project.  We've done it for many others!
  • Call Gordon to discuss the need and the mission...   (605) 381-3998
  • We are happy to team up with you and work together to help.
  • MEDICINE HORSE VILLAGE is a "boots on the ground" organization meeting the needs of the hungry and homeless in Western South Dakota
  • Successfully transitioning the homeless into permanent housing
  • Providing food, clothing and assistance to the most needy in the community (Please note Medicine Horse Village on your donation)

Ministry looking for a tent...

for summer revival meetings

Rent?? Buy?? Borrow??

Please let us know if you can help locate a tent!!   Call Gordon (605) 381-3998

Can you help???

A generous benefactor has agreed to donate $395,000.00 to re-open the Community Thrift Store


We can raise $30,000.00 

This would allow us to purchase the real estate to re-open

Can you help??

Our team supports a variety of organizations and meets the needs of people that simply have no place else to turn.

Faith and Family Foundation

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