• MEDICINE HORSE VILLAGE is a "boots on the ground" organization meeting the needs of the hungry and homeless in Western South Dakota
  • Successfully transitioning the homeless into permanent housing
  • Providing food, clothing and assistance to the most needy in the community (Please note Medicine Horse Village on your donation)

Our team supports a variety of organizations and meets the needs of people that simply have no place else to turn.

  • We might be able to help with YOUR project.  We've done it for many others!
  • Call Gordon to discuss the need and the mission...   (605) 381-3998
  • We are happy to team up with you and work together to help.

HELP MAGGIE... She needs $300.00 to fund the balance of her travel expenses to North Carolina to her father's funeral.  Maggie was born with a mental disability and needs our assistance.  (Please note Maggie on your donation)

HELP LILLY... She needs to raise $2,000.00 to fund a missions trip to Costa Rica with her church youth group  (Please note Lilly on your donation)

Faith and Family Foundation

 Help Dr. Ed Picardi return to Togo, S. Africa

"I learned earlier this year that one of the mission surgeons in Togo died from Lassa Fever which is one of the African VHF (Viral Hemorrhagic Fever) similar to Ebola.  I have recently learned that there is now an outbreak of Lassa Fever in Togo.  They are in desperate need.  It makes no sense for me to sit idly by when there is so much I can do to help them"  Your donation will help with Dr. Picardi's travel expenses.  (Please note Dr. Ed on your donation)

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